Born in 2016 thanks to the will of professionals specialized in the production and marketing of shooting range for more than 20 years. We have chosen to associate within the CODEX-shooting skills of two companies, VMS and GTS Electronica, specialized in the design, development, as well as the expertise of the shooting ranges to the police, the gendarmerie, the armed forces, customs, all independent services related to security, the armouries, shooting stands Sports private, in France and abroad.

Thanks to its partners,

CODEX-shooting can meet all your expectations:

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VMS, partner of CODEX-TIR, is the specialist for more than 12 years in the realization of the infrastructures of shooting range

Anti ricochet floors


Since 2013, VMS has participated in the realization of the first stand of synthetic aggregates shots for the French army and the implementation of anti-ricochets floors new generation.

Thierville (in Verdun) was the first test safety floor, under the name of "TIR-SOL 46" These are carried out by following, the Basefusco de Lanester, the Air Base 113 of St-Dizier, 1st RI of Sarrebourg, the Censub de Sissonne, the Grand Ducale shooting range in Luxembourg, the Fort Desaix shooting stand in Fort de La France, But also Tunisia, Central Africa and more than a hundred shooting ranges in Europe, France and the overseas departments for police and gendarmerie.  

In March 2016, VMS won the framework contract for the distribution of synthetic aggregates for French army shooting ranges and is its official distributor.

GTS Electronica, the second partner partner of CODEX-TIR, is the specialist in the realization of the shooting stand structures  

Bullet traps  

Video surveillance - video shot  

Since 2016, CODEX TIR has chosen as a partner, GTS Electronica to integrate its skills in the group on the design of traps and video surveillance.

Leader in Spain, GTS to realize hundreds of firing ranges on its territory and in the world but also installs and manages the maintenance of the video surveillance in all the Spanish embassies installed in all the countries of the planet.  

Armored steel specialist, GTS produces all types of metal bale traps but also latest-generation bale traps made of rubber slats and aggregates.    

The combined know-how of VMS and GTS Electronica enables CODEX-TIR to be the unique interlocutor and meet all your expectations in France and abroad.    



We constantly invest in research, development and innovation to always offer you the most advanced technology.