This version says "HD" is a system of last generation. The design remains the same, rubber tile plus polyurethane resin.

The difference of the other systems is at the level of the resin. Indeed, it is projected mechanically hot, its very high tensile strength, seven times higher than conventional resins.

This system can be used in shooting tunnels requiring the circulation of heavy equipment causing a strong shifting.

Also, the TIR-SOL 411 easily supports large caliber shots such as 7.62, 12.7, 12 mm Breneke caliber. The penetration of the warheads in the slab is almost invisible and ricochet, putting the shooters safe.

A polyurethane finish paint is recommended for the same reasons as our TIR-SOL 46 system

Tir sol 411 1

Tir sol 411 2Operator in application on rubber slabs

Tir sol 411 3


We project the resin using a machine, vertically or horizontally on different materials, such as fibralite, metal, wood, concrete, asphalt, rubber, roof, block, brick or Steel sheet and thanks to its very high tensile strength it allows an excellent property to the fragmentation of materials against explosions and assaults.

Its implementation and its very fast drying allows a use for military installations inside and outside.

In conflict areas, training villages, sensitive sites, embassies, police stations or gendarmerie, nuclear power plant, all installations requiring security measures, roofs that will not be able to lift the tiles or cladding thus preventing any an intrusion, also the protection of the bodywork of vehicles, pickups armored vehicles.

For example, with a thickness of 6 mm of resin sprayed on brick walls undergoing an external aggression, caused by an explosion or a ram vehicle, the room will remain intact inside thus protecting these occupants.


Quick-drying repair kits have been formulated to facilitate in situ the possibility of possible repairs.