Isolation accoustique


Thermal insulation process on the underside of floors using:

- FIBRALITH fibragglo (wood wool) homogeneous panels or

- Composite panels of FIBRAMITH associated with insulation in:

   * KNAUF Therm (EPS, expanded polystyrene)

   * KNAUF XTherm (Silver EPS)

   * Rockwool.

The panels of the FIBRALITH range are CE marked in accordance with the requirements of Appendix ZA of the European standard NF EN 13168 "Manufactured products made of wood wool" at the level of:

- declarations / certification of the Euroclass,

- European reaction to fire classification and thermal resistance.

The panels of the FIBRALITH range are used:

- either in concrete slab formwork or formwork bottom (FC)

- by direct mechanical fixing under floors (FM) The underside of the panels can remain rough or receive a painting.


Isolation accoustique 2





   * Thermal insulation

   * Fire resistance

   * Acoustic correction


Mur accourtiqueAcoustic wall in wood wool panels, acoustic complex 150 mm thick

Mur accoustique 2


Acoustic improvement of a 110 mm thick rock wool wood wool firing tunnel directly attached to existing walls

Mur et plafond accoustiqueWall and ceiling in acoustic panels BOXER