The first phase of the work is to clean up the site, then we build in the form of a staircase, a core of topsoil placed on a waterproof membrane, finally we come to cover with synthetic aggregates. The ideal particle size calculated is 10 to 50 mm for the synthetic granulate with a density of 50 kg per m3.

These systems make it possible to stop the bales from 2.50 m deep to the right of the redan of the earth core.

Whatever the caliber to use:

- hand or shoulder weapons

-calibres 22 to 50.

-all firing distances from one meter.

There is no chance of balls coming back or fragments of bullets at any angle of impact, making them suitable for a wide variety of types of shooting practice. The bullet piercing the bullet trap is intact, so no fragmentation of it or release of dust. For indoor structures, the atmosphere of the stand is improved and filtration elements are preserved, thereby reducing the frequency of their replacement.

This new concept has the advantage of reducing the costs of depollution, valorizes the industrial waste, allows the recycling of the material, and especially avoids soil pollution. It is no longer necessary to water the original shooting mound in sand, to avoid dust.

Periodic interviews are usually done by the users, for the more important interviews are generally entrusted to a specialized company.

Generally synthetic aggregate is installed in large covered shooting stands.

Tracer bullets are possible because the material is nonflammable.

The aggregates form a slope of 30 to 35 ° on 2m.50 of thickness on average.

The whole is then covered with a mat of anti-return rubber of 3 to 5 mm thick of black, gray, or beige color.

Detachable 1m x 4m windows are available in the target axis for easy maintenance and carpet savings.

Each carpet element are attached to each other by Velcro strips.

It is necessary to apply a coefficient of 1.4 on the theoretical volume of the aggregate to compensate for the natural settlement of it.


500 Brinell armored steel backplate in butt bottom covered with wood cladding, earthen mound shot on waterproof membrane

Mechanized installation of the synthetic agregate respecting the 2.50m of each redan.

Last phase: setting up of the rubber mats, respecting the axis of the shooting windows

A berm in firing blocks of 500 x 200 x 300 mm avoids the accidental ricochet